G.I. Joe: Waward Son

The Continuing Adventures of Cobra Commander's Son

William Kessler
10 October 1979
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Billy is from the Comic Book series GIJoe.

For a more detailed Bio, see the link above. My name is William Kessler. Well, not really but that's what I'm going with. My father is a megalomaniacal lunatic who wants to conquer the world. I've alternately helped him (not of my own accord mind you) or tried to stop him. But mum's the word people, I'm in witness protection and all this is classified top secret.

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For Archival purposes, this journal was once entitled: My Father Is Evil And Wants to Take Over the World. The subtitle was "Cobra! No wait, Yo Joe! No, Cobra! Screw it, a plague on both your houses."